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, pointing out that russia is germany's biggest supplier of energy. we know that merkel spoke with our president last night. she spoke with putin several times since the crisis started. could she be a key player in potentially resolving this situation? >> yes. absolutely. i mean, germany, after all, is the most important military and economic power in europe. the problem here, as you rightfully point out, is that most of germany's natural gas supplies run through that natural gas pipelines through ukraine, from russia, to germany. she's already signaled that she's not in favor of imposing economic sanctions on russia. well, if she's not in favor of supporting economic sanctions on -- on russia as well as denying russia a space in the g-8 and turning that into the g-7, it sort of defangs the capacity of the united states to act forcefully with putin if he decides that, well, what -- what matters to him if he moves his forces into eastern ukraine. who's going to stop him. >> yeah, and josh, i also want to touch on the energy and economics issues which are important here. >> yeah. >> a lo
an opportunity agenda that has four parts. number one, good jobs that pay good wages in manufacturing, energy, innovation, infrastructure. number two, train folks with the skills they need to get those good jobs, something that your senator al franken is doing great work on every single day. he cares a lot about the job training issue. number three, guaranteeing every child has access to a world class education. and number four, making sure that hard work is rewarded with wages you can live on, savings you can retire on, health care you can count on. that's what we're fighting for. minnesota is helping to lead the way on these issues. your state legislature is poised to raise your minimum wage this year. in my state of the union address i call for a new women's economic agenda. it's actually a family economic agenda, equal pay for equal work, paid sick leave and more, and there are leaders in your state legislature that are working hard at this because they know when women succeed, america succeeds. >> obama talking jobs and investing in america for the long haul. we turn now though to a woma
of the energy has gone out of the tea party movement and frankly, it's because partly economic realities are changing. one of the annimating fears and focuses of the tea party was out of control government spending. we were taxed too much and government is spending way too much money. well, the deficit last year fell more rapidly than in any year since world war ii. so deficits are coming down. are they losing some of the steam that fueled their cause? >> my colleague john stanton who was at their fifth anniversary event yesterday, he filed this really great report. he felt they were rudderless. initially they had obamacare to mobilize them and now there are so many different issues, don't know what exactly to pay attention to. i think the immigration he reform mobilized them for a while. the other piece of this is that i think many republicans especially in the house are so clearly identified with the tea party that you don't even need a tea party name anymore. it's all one in the same in the house. >> they're not the outsiders that they used to be. >> absolutely not. and a lot of the g
with the government. he writes in his letter this year about renewable energy. one of his utilities has invested $15 billion in, mainly in windmills. and he's saying, i'm counting on regulators, essentially to force americans to buy that st so, there is good capitalism and there is sort of crony government capitalism, and i think buffett is a little bit of both. >> but you know, ira, warren buffett is hardly the only wealthy investor who is banking on government goodies here. i mean, a lot of the reason why large corporations and why banks are doing so well is because of favorable tax treatment and subsidies and goodies that they get from the government. >> i think that's true, and i think that people need to watch out for that. and it applies to buffett as well. >> ira stole, thank you very much. >>> up next right here at the table, star of film and tv, michael vartan on his new role in "bates motel," the prequel to a hitchcock classic. nice morning, scott? aye, or...a mornin' of tiny voices crying out, "feed us -- we've awakened from our long winter's nap and we're peckish to the point of starvin'
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4